How to Stop Excessive Sweating.

There’s  nothing wrong in breaking a sweat or two occasionally but excessive sweating, medically called hyperhidrosis can pose a challenge  or an embarrassment to a person, it can go as far as affecting the qualify of life of that person. This problem is not specific to age or sex as it affects people of all ages and sexual orientation.  There are ways to stop this and live a better quality life. Some of the ways I have found helpful includes

Stop Spicy Food

Spicy foods like a hot sauce or hot pepper could stimulate your sweat glands in an uncomfortable way, it can affect the amount of sweat produced by your sweat glands, foods like garlic and onions can affect the way your sweat smells. Cutting down on these foods did a very great job for me, it made a whole lot of difference in my sweat patterns.

Don’t rely on deodorants, use antiperspirants

While deodorants are good, antiperspirants are better. Even though I have used quite a number of antiperspirants, I had a challenge of finding the right one for me until I tried Sweat Block Clinical Strength Antiperspirant. My attraction to this product is its effectiveness at controlling sweat for up to 7-days per use. It is safe and it treats hyperhidrosis and excessive sweating effectively.

Honestly, Sweat Block Clinical Strength Antiperspirant made all the difference. Good value for your money. I would recommend.

Hygiene/ life Style

A person’s hygiene is also very important in controlling your sweat pattern, having your bath regularly after an outing, wash your clothes with a good soap to remove sweat stains or smell from your clothing and using a good antiperspirant like Sweat Block Clinical Strength Antiperspirant cannot be over emphasised as it helps to stop excessive sweating in the first place. You can as well take along with you handkerchiefs to wipe off excess sweats.

As a preventive method, you can make some life style changes, avoid triggers like alcohol, drink a lot of water and avoid wearing dark or bright clothes, Wear loose light fitting clothes, these can also reduce sweat signs if they occur.


Most people love to start their day with a cup of coffee, well your sweat glands do not like that. Your sweat glands get activated as soon as the Caffeine does its stimulation. The more you drink caffeine, the more you perspire. Because, it’s usually served, hot, the heat from it can make your body feel hot enough to perspire.

The suggestion is to make a swap, Instead of a hot caffeine, you can take a luke-warm or cold one.

Preventing or stopping excessive sweating is not an impossible feat, take control of your life, Stop Spicy foods, practice good hygienic lifestyle, use Sweat Block Clinical Strength AntiPerspirant, and I am sure you’ll be good.